Virtu Tomás Rodríguez, Homeopathy

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Virtu is a qualified, registered Homeopath, CEASE therapist and Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner. She trained at the Centre for Homeopathic Education achieving a BSc (Hons) in Homeopathy and a licentiate diploma for practice.

She combines her skills in Spanish teaching and Teacher training with supporting children and young adults with autism; an area of special interest.

Her passion for natural healing led her to study Homeopathy. She complemented her studies by becoming a CEASE therapist, an approach that helps detoxification from physical and energetic blockages while bringing balance to the mind and body. She also studied the Bach Flower Remedies, a system of complementary medicine that relieves ill health by harmonising underlying emotional states. 

Virtu works with people of all ages and strongly believes that we are all able to take responsibility for our own health. With the support of Homeopathy and Bach remedies, Virtu’s intentions are to assist her clients in making decisions about their own healthcare and aid their progress to health.

Therapies offered:

CEASE Therapy
Bach Flowers 



Phone: 07849 206 160

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