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About Energy Healing:

Are you curious about energy healing, but not sure what it is or how it might help you? Are you navigating physical, mental or emotional discomfort? Are you unsure of your path, or feeling a bit ‘stuck’? Or perhaps you have thought about connecting deeper to your spiritual nature? 

Just as our mind and body can benefit from healing practices  – such as good nutrition, exercise, meditation and detoxification - so too can our energy field. We all have a field of energy around us that picks up and holds on to beliefs, emotions and stories throughout our lives. But not all of what we hold on to is helpful.  Pain, trauma, or limiting beliefs about ourselves can be especially hard to let go of. By becoming aware of what we are carrying in our field, we can begin to release these patterns and let go of that which no longer serves us. Through clearing away the old energy, we begin to feel lighter, balanced and inspired with a new sense of peace and clarity.

About Sophie

Sophie is a certified Reiki Master and Yoga teacher who is passionate about Energy work and the holistic connection between mind, body and spirit in health and wellbeing. She studied Reiki and energy healing in Canada and Indonesia, and has practiced in many locations around the world. Her intuitive abilities help you explore your own patterns and behaviours through an energetic perspective and she creates a safe and supportive space for you to find balance and healing from within.

Therapies offered:

Reiki: promotes the body’s natural healing and improves overall well-being. It helps to bring clarity, restores balance in mind/body/spirit, reduces stress and brings a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

Intuitive healing with Reiki:  Intuitive healing brings the natural, restoring nature of Reiki, but also offers a deeper process of healing. It works to clear away limiting subconscious beliefs and explore the root cause of physical/emotional/spiritual issues you may be experiencing. It includes balancing your seven main energy centers, clearing away old patterns and energetic blockages and creates space for clarity, growth and transformation. *Following your session I will email you a written summary for your personal reference.


Reiki: 1 Hour £60
Intuitive Healing with Reiki: 1 Hour 45 min. £105


For bookings or enquiries please contact me by either phone or email;


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