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I work with individuals who are looking to develop themselves internally - not through seeking knowledge from without, but through making meaningful connections within. 

Sometimes the impetus for change is pain, either physical or emotional, or there is a sense of being stuck-in-a-rut, in the form of chronic conditions or low moods. At other times, individuals are instinctively drawn to explore a more meaningful and fulfilled way of living their lives. You may have experienced low self-esteem, suffered from poor relationships or felt that you are never good enough. My work goes to the very core of this sense of self - it explores the make-up of this identity, questions the costs of unconscious emotional burden, identifies old patterns which are no longer valid and, therefore, allows true freedom and self-worth to flow from within. Working in a one-to-one private setting, I hold the sacred space and guide individuals to examine their internal wiring, understand how these default wiring came into being in the first place, make conscious decisions about them and rewire as necessary so that healing and transformations are instigated effortlessly from within. 

From this place of empathy and rapport, homeopathic remedies are used to stimulate the vital force to flow in the direction of healing, to restore health, mental balance and emotional well-being. The use of iridology and electro-acupuncture by Voll (EAV) are insightful windows to access your bodily wisdom and inner oracle.

Qualifications: MA (Cantab) MSc (LSE) RSHom

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