David Holgate, Massage


Treatments Offered

Sports Massage

Swedish (Holistic) Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

European Neuromuscular Technique

Trigger Point Therapy


Following many years running a successful car parts business I was fortunate enough to be able to sell up and begin studying for a subject close to my heart - ‘Health & Fitness’.

I qualified first as an Advanced Personal Trainer then specialised to work with both older people and in Exercise Referral for those with certain conditions. Ultimately I undertook Level 4 studies to qualify as a Trainer & Weight Management Specialist (Obesity – Diabetes – Metabolic Syndrome). I then took up a new role as a Manager of a new Health Club in Greenwich.

It was my experience in seeing how the body works and how sometimes it doesn’t that eventually led me to study massage therapies and see how they can help alleviate pain, increase flexibility and help you feel positive and good about yourself. The massage therapies I provide are not necessarily ‘stand alone’ treatments and I use a combination of techniques, where required, to achieve successful results.


Diploma – Massage (ITEC)

Diploma – Sports Massage (ActiveIQ)


Deep Tissue Massage,

Trigger Point Therapy & ENT,

Massage For Sinusitis, Migraine, Headaches

Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)

Hot Stone Massage

Therapeutic Use Of Carrier Oils

Diploma – Personal Training And Instruction (YMCAFit)

Diploma – Advanced Personal Training (YMCAFit)

Diploma – Exercise Referral (YMCAFit)

Level 4 Certificate – Weight Management (YMCAAwards)

(all Diplomas are Level 3 unless otherwise described)

Web: www.holgatemassage.com

Facebook: David Holgate Bodywork

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